Simon Prades de Alemania,

Este es unos de sus proyectos -Chaos und Ordnung-

Junta imágenes que encuentra en periódicos y dibuja una composición con tinta para darle vida a estos animales.

También encuéntralo en behance y twitter

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Zombie by Charles Santoso

Charles Santoso on Tumblr

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The Hilarious Costumes of a Dog Named Trotter, Photos by Sonya Yu

Sonya Yu on Instagram


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Into the Fray project by Brian Kuhlmann

What happened in the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010 had a profound impact on me.

Brian Kuhlmann on behace

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Mexican skull by Alex Konahin

After 10 days with a paper a pen and some ink, Alex Konahin did his magic for HERETICS

Alex Konahin

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SUMMER DRILL by Diego L. Rodriguez


Diego L. Rodriguez

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KILL ART // TRUST DESIGN by Antoni Tudisco


Antoni Tudisco on Behance

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Illustrations by Minoz

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Edit—- Del 8 al 29 de Septiembre del 2012


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The Taqueria by Joe Fenton

Joe Fenton on facebook

Joe Fenton on Behance

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Tumblr Artist

Liqen | on Tumblr (Spain) - Elotl. Mexico

Spanish street artist, Liqen, paints massive murals with very elaborate details. His work, often thought-provoking and eye-catching, tells always a story: ”Elotl in pre-Hispanic Nahuatl language, corn (maize cob) is the staple food of this nation, I wanted to join the idea of how strong the family is here, making each grain a person or animal, as a unit of a set. For some time I kept this idea to represent Mexico.” You can follow his Tumblr for more work and news.

[more Liqen | artist found at Unurth]

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